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Until the Arizona state government declares  a significant reduction in the social distancing requirements due the the COVID-19 pandemic CHADD of Tucson will not have any support group meetings. Please check this website and out Facebook page ( for update about when we will begin to meet again. In the meantime, please be safe and healthy!


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On the Northeast corner of intersection of Swan and Pima (in building with yellow dot on it. Enter from the North side; where blue arrow points.

Dougherty Hall

Free parking. Park in large parking lot North of Dougherty Hall.


CHADD of Tucson

Thanks to The Arizona Knights of Columbus, Council 15704 of Tucson!

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Support & Strategies 
Through Shared Experiences

Are you tired of trying to hold it all together on your own?

A support group could be the missing link. 

                                           Come learn more about AD/HD.

                                   Our shared experiences may be your chance 
to find the support and strategies that will work best for you.